1 - Liberty City Fun is an Amusement Park for children. Each attraction is subject to a Regulation which can limit access according to height, age, physical constitution and health conditions. Kind Customers are required to read and comply with this Regulation, to check the rules to be observed at entrance of each attraction and to comply with Staff’s directives.

2 - Before purchasing credits, read carefully all Regulations posted at the entrance of each attraction, with particular attention to minimum and maximum heights allowed, prohibitions and limitations for the safely access to attractions. In order to ensure the safety of all children, no breach of the Regulation shall be permitted under any circumstances.

3 - Before purchasing credits, persons with special needs must go to the Central Cash Desk in order to obtain further information regarding access to the attractions.

4 - For some attractions, access may be forbidden to:
  • children under the age of 3;
  • pregnant women.

The use of attractions is also not recommended for elderly and heart patients.

5 - The use of attractions by Customers must be made in such a way as to avoid exposure to risks, and with care and caution, in order to avoid creating situations of danger for themselves or for others. The Customer must therefore:
  • comply with the requirements on the placards at the entrance of each attraction;
  • follow Staff instructions scrupulously;
  • refrain from accessing attractions that due to their characteristics are considered by the Customer not suitable for their children or for themselves.
6 - It is strictly forbidden to enter the attractions in the absence of an operator. Where required by Regulations, wait for a Staff memeber before passing the card on the reader;

7 - It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the covered area of the Park.

8 - Dogs over 30 cm and 3 kg are not allowed to enter.

Small dogs are only allowed if they are equipped with a muzzle, leash and shovel.

9 - Always keep children under the strict supervision of an adult, even during the stay on attractions. Minors are always considered to be placed in parental custody or whoever stand in for them. Access to the Park is not allowed to minors unaccompanied by an adult.

10 - Credits are not refundable under any circumstance in cash.

11 - Access to attractions can be interrupted at any time or postponed from the opening time to allow routine maintenance or cleaning.

12 - Due to maintenance problems or lack of electricity, it could happen that one or more attractions may be unavailable for short or prolonged periods of time. In case of bad weather, rain or low temperatures some attractions could be stopped for safety reasons. In all these cases there is no refound of credits. In case of emergency, follow the instructions given by the Staff.

13 - Before buying credits, customers must inquire on possible problems related to influx of people (especially during the weekend and on holidays) or to climatic conditions such as to limit the use of the attractions and the general use of the Park and services.

14 - Bicycles, skateboards, skateboards, overboards, drones, radio-controlled vehicles and the like, are NOT ALLOWED.

15 - Do not leave your backpacks or bags unattended: the Staff is responsible for taking them into custody and delivering them to the Central Cash Desk. It is highly recommended not to leave valuable items inside. Liberty City Fun declines all responsibility in the event of theft or loss..

16 - It is not allowed to use the benches of the area both indoor and outdoor to picnic or celebrate birthdays.

17 - Inside the Park there is a video surveillance systems only to ensure safety and safeguard the company’s assets. Images are viewed only and exclusively by the Administrator, the judicial or police authority.

18 - In the event of harassment (such as brawling, vandalism, defamation, harassment, drug use, drunkenness) or failure to comply with one or more articles of this Regulation, the person may be removed from the Park.

19 - It is forbidden to circulate in the Park and access the attractions in bathing suit or shirtless.

20 - Liberty City Fun reserves the right at any time to modify or update the general Regulation, that of individual attractions, the calendar, the opening and closing time, the cost of the credit and active promotions, and minimum and maximum heights allowed to guarantee the safety of children.