Liberty CARD

Liberty CARD

Liberty Card: all the convenience of our promotions in a new format!

What is the Liberty Card?
The Liberty Card is an innovative electronic access system for the rides, which will make using the attractions even easier and more fun.

How does the Liberty Card work?
Go to the central cash desks and buy the promotion that best suits you: the credits will be loaded directly onto the card.

Come posso ottenere la Liberty Card?
You can request it at the cash desk of the playground from Monday 1 April 2019.

I have tokens. Can I still use them ?
You have until February 15, 2020 to deliver the old tokens and convert them into credits for the new Liberty Card.

The Liberty Card is:
    The cost of tokens / credits and promotions remain unchanged
    Load credits with a tap
    Enjoy our attractions without the clutter of tokens
  • FAST
    No more tokens that fit together! Swipe the magnetic card over the reader to start the carousel
  • •FREE
    The card has the rental cost of € 1, which will be refunded upon return

    - Liberty City Fun reserves the right of withdrawal in the event of card breakage or damage;
    - In order to obtain the free credits, it is not possible to upload a single promotion on two different cards;
    - Wait for the operator before passing the card on the reader and / or accessing the attraction where required by the regulation. Liberty City Fun declines all responsibility in the event of improper and / or unauthorized access and / or use of the attractions;
    - Liberty City Fun reserves the right to modify active promotions and / or the cost of credits at any time.